At 22, Kate Pankoke, launched her line, Elaya Vaughn Bridal. Now, 6 years later, her collection is
sold in boutiques around the world. Kate has appeared on 3 seasons of the Emmy Award winning
show, Project Runway.
Majoring in Apparel Design and Technology at Florida State University, Kate Pankoke had to teach
herself what she knows about business and her industry. Kate knows what it takes to turn dreams
into reality and she is here to help you do just that.
Kate has been recognized as one of Crain’s Business Magazine’s 20 in their 20’s and Florida State
University’s 7 under 30. She has shown at New York Fashion week and continues to show her latest
bridal collections at Bridal Fashion Week in New York. The Knot listed Kate as one of the top 10
designers to watch.
Kate is a down-to- earth speaker with a very honest approach. She speaks to all of her experiences,
the good and the bad. Pankoke speaks on topics of Entrepreneurship, How to follow your passion,
and the reality behind reality TV. Kate likes to interact with the audience and discuss how each point
is applicable to their situation.

Speaking Topics


In “Fake it till you Make it” Kate tells the story of how she went all-in on her dream and turned it into
the international brand that it is today. Kate takes the audience step by step and shows how to turn
nothing into everything.
In “Destiny Just Butt-Dialed You” Kate talks about choosing your own destiny and making it happen.
Kate discusses the pressure to make “safe” choices, the risk involved in following your dreams, and
what to do when your dream comes true.
Women in Business
In “I Thought you were the Intern” Kate discusses the difficulties she faced in starting her company as
a young woman in a very competitive industry. She explains how she overcame the challenges and
used who she was as an advantage.
Fashion/ Fashion Business
In “Some Assembly Required” Kate speaks about the reality of life after graduating college and the
struggle to apply what she learned to her own line. Kate discusses what they don’t teach you in
fashion textbooks and everything in between.

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